Castle Valley Comments – Feb. 13, 2020

There was a lot of public clamor in the valley 35 years ago this month when the Bureau of Land Management and Conoco Petroleum Company announced a proposed exploratory well at the base of Parriott Mesa just off the Pace Hill Road. Much of the agenda of the Castle Valley Property Owners Association monthly meeting was devoted to a question and answer session with officials from the BLM and Conoco. The BLM district manager stated that written comment would be accepted and a decision would be made 35 years ago this week.

Ask an Expert

There seems to be a shift in recent decades regarding family culture and expectations. According to family researcher William Doherty, the shift has moved toward a, “what’s in it for me?” culture, and children are sponges for it. They watch shows where children are disrespectful to parents and see manipulative advertising showing them it’s okay to expect their parents to provide the latest and greatest toy or piece of equipment. They often see parents as providers of things to consume.

A Page Out of the Book Cliffs: Page 61 – Nate Knight – Part 16

If you have a good memory and have been keeping up with this series of stories about my uncle, Nate Knight, you will remember that he was a man who grew up in the Book Cliffs of southeastern Utah back in the 1920s and ’30s. I believe that spending enough time amongst the lonesome ridges and canyons of the Book Cliffs Mountains can give a person a special understanding of nature’s ability to hide her beauty right under your nose.