How two families coped with teenage pregnancy

When they were in their mid-forties, Joyce and Robert adopted Crystal. Crystal brought nothing but joy into their lives. Crystal is a great student and has lots of friends. When she started middle school she became very good friends with Alex who lives in their neighborhood. Crystal and Alex walked to and from school and did their homework together everyday. On weekends they went to movies and hung out with friends.

Dispute & Resolution – June 27, 2019

She’s moving out …

Stephanie and Steven have been married for 19 years and have two sons ages 8 and 6. Steven is an unsuccessful artist and Stephanie is a physician’s assistant. Steven works from home and admits that he has treated his career as an artist more as a hobby than an occupation, he hasn’t earned minimum wage for several years. Stephanie works at a hospital as a physician’s assistant and is the family breadwinner.