High Desert Hoofbeats, March 20, 2020

A glance at Main Street on Monday, or at the entrance to Arches National Park, is evidence that our visitors don’t want to believe there is a pandemic that could sicken themselves and kill others. Moab has always been a place for escape. That’s why many people choose to live here, and it’s what attracts so many others to leave the maddening crowds of their own homes in Denver, Salt Lake, Aspen, Paris and Tokyo, even if it’s just for vacation.

Mom’s stroke reminds us of need for nearby medical care

My mom has endured a long slog since she suffered a stroke in early October and was life-flighted to Salt Lake City. She has been worked over pretty thoroughly by the University of Utah Hospital, with a first stop in intensive care, then on to rehab. But last week, Adrien told her various medical specialists that she’d had enough of their needling, and that she wanted, in no uncertain terms, to come home.