Adrien’s Many Trails, Aug. 15, 2019

We are so blessed with so many of God’s gifts hugging us in this little green valley. Years ago (more than 60 of them), my family arrived here, and except for college I’ve been here ever since, and am now older than a lot of natives. I’m a Uintah Basin girl, though I remember more about Samuel Gompers Junior High in Los Angeles than the Basin. My next younger sister was born in Roosevelt, then the family moved to Salt Lake, then California, then back to Utah, and this could get repetitive. I’ll leave it at the fact we moved around a lot.

Castle Valley Comments – Aug. 8, 2019

Our weather has been a little cooler lately as compared to the last couple of years, according to Bob Russell, our official weather observer. Russell says, “Our July was just slightly cooler than 2017 and 2018 by one to two degrees. Based on 2017-18, we can expect another drop of one to two degrees in August. Precipitation was expectantly low at 0.17 inches total for July and based upon the records will remain below an inch in August.”

Castle Valley Comments – Aug. 1, 2019

Thirty-five years ago this week, this column reported on a fire in Castle Valley which was reported to Castle Valley Fire Chief John McGann at his home. Children who lived near the end of Shafer Lane spotted a fire in a storage shed on the campus of the Castle Valley Institute (now the DayStar Adventist Academy) and called the telephone operator to report the fire. The operator, who apparently thought it was a prank call, either hung up on the oldest daughter who made the call or maybe put her on hold, but either way, the kids decided to go to Plan B. They ran a quarter-mile down the road to Chief McGann’s home to report the fire personally. The fire was quickly extinguished as a result of the children’s quick action.

Adrien’s Many Trails – Aug. 1, 2019

I had been musing over the weekend over what to write about, and had settled on a subject when the news came Monday of Norma Matheson’s death, and that changed my mind. I had come to the conclusion some time back that life’s most productive years are between 40 and 60. Since some of today’s elected and chosen leaders were born at the tail end of that time for me, they likely were not acquainted with the remarkable Scott M. Matheson and his lovely wife (isn’t that the way wives are always described in politics) Norma.