Monday, August 10, 2020


Moab, UT

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    Letter To The Editor

    St. Mary’s mask signs came down months ago

    St. Mary’s requires that masks be worn at all times in all of our locations, and strongly encourages that masks be worn in public to help control the spread of COVID-19.

    Ramblings are a slap in the face to science, truth

    Ray Andrew, you’re a doctor. Doctors wear masks. Millions of doctors and nurses wear masks every day ... for hours at a time.

    On masks: Facts matter. Let’s get ’em straight

    You can find “scientific studies” to support any position you fancy. The internet is filled with discredited “experts” of all sorts

    Human rights and the COVID-19 illness

    Think of others for a few months or a year with regard to nasty COVID-19 and help one other suppress this killing machine.

    Very deceptive and inaccurate discussion

    This is not a time to spread false information that could cause harm, this is a time to use the best medical information available to protect people’s health.

    ‘Misinformation masquerading as science’

    “The information is inaccurate. Masks are definitely required and have been for a long time.”

    To mask or not to mask: look for the science

    As with all issues of national importance, Americans disagree on the best means of minimizing their risk.

    Thank you, Mosquito Abatement District

    I know the runoff this spring was way down compared to last year and that has been a huge help.

    In opposition to bike skills park

    It appears the bike skills park is one part of a grand scheme to turn the full length of the pathway into a tourist commodity.

    Support mask vigilantes

    Wearing a simple mask reduces the spread and helps save lives.
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