GCHS lets down advanced students

Last Friday, July 12, I was informed that none of the Advanced Placement tests taken by the 2019 Grand County High School seniors had been sent to the College Board for grading. Apparently someone in the Grand County High School Administration office simply forgot to send them. Those tests were completed months ago. My daughter only found out about this mistake late last week when she went to her University of Utah orientation in Salt Lake City.

District should abate mosquito problem

I just left the Mosquito Abatement District meeting and all we heard was a lot of excuses. They said they have not sprayed for mosquitos for many years and would not be spraying in Moab City or the general county because they could not afford to. They are a special service district and have taxing authority so why don’t they have enough money? They seem to have enough to pay salaries. Tim Graham suggested maybe they could hand out cans of “OFF.” I am not sure if that was supposed to be funny or serious.