Love’s deal ‘callously bulldozed’ Spanish Valley residents

At the recent meeting between the Grand County Council and San Juan County Commission, there was discussion of the proposed Love’s Truck stop at Highway 191 and Sunny Acres Lane. The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration is the seller. Its director, Dave Ure, told those present that the decades-old homes on Sunny Acres Lane were intruding into a commercial zone. Therefore, it was okay for Love’s to build a truck stop literally along their backyards.

An attempt to put a moratorium on tourism?

I believe that landowners on both north and south Highway 191 should be able to use their land in a manner that best suits that land. By restricting or limiting what can be built, such as nightly rentals, you are devaluing their land and the legal ramifications are yet to be seen. Some landowners have small parcels only suited to build small RV parks and not suited for residential. Hopefully the council will look at each application and not just deny all overnight applications. Trying to force landowners to build residential housing for long-term rentals is wrong. Long-term renters tend to destroy the property and stop paying rent after a few months. It can take up to six months to evict a tenant. I know this by having owned many rentals. Now I am not saying all renters do this but a majority do. Tenants think that because you own property you are wealthy, when actually you are just trying to make mortgage payments, taxes and insurance.

Alternative school offers gift of time

My husband and I both had a non-traditional education. We always enjoyed an education outside the traditional brick-and-mortar setting. When our daughter, Adalynne, was ready for school, we knew we wanted to teach her at home and began searching for the newest, best, most innovative curriculum to prepare her for the fast-paced world we live in. We found Utah Virtual Academy and it’s been a great fit for our family’s lifestyle.