Monday, July 6, 2020


Moab, UT

94.2 F

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    Helicopter traffic due to Roc Fire

    Since the engines will be carrying an ample amount of water in the parade, some of the firefighters might not be able to contain the urge to spread some of it around to the spectators.

    A Page Out of the Book Cliffs

    It was a huge chore because I always got buck fever so bad that I couldn’t think straight when it really mattered.

    Reopening makes Moab a ‘ticking time bomb’

    By promoting a false sense of competency and readiness, we’ve inspired others to travel more, go out more, socialize more, and generally take more risks.

    Let your freak flag fly

    We are driven by our universal wonderment of creating and understanding our completed works.

    Wells: Endorsement was not written on county letterhead

    If Ms. Tallman was being honest she would acknowledge that this letter was not sent on official county letterhead.

    The debate over wildfire management

    A more troubling and problematic development has been the advent of allowing wildfires to burn to meet various public land management needs.

    Writers on the Range: Wildfire is meaner these days

    Most of the West is built to burn. But for a few decades after the Second World War, climate was mild.

    Save that ‘quiet, un-crowded space’

    Did the city let anyone in the adjoining neighborhood know about this proposal? No. Instead, citizens found out in the local newspaper.

    Letter: Woman injured in ATV accident needs help

    Editor, On May 12 (as reported in the May 14 Edition of the Times-Independent),...

    Opinion: Fake news? Newspapers, readers have roles to play to overcome distrust

    By Dean Ridings Fake news. Those two words have likely created more confusion and...

    Opinion: Life in Moab, one 911 call at a time

    When I was a young reporter covering the cops beat, my editor made me bring home the...

    Opinion: Library to reopen on a limited basis

    Castle Valley Librarian Jenny Haraden announced this week that curbside delivery of books, audiobooks, movies or magazines...
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    Latest News

    BLM to conduct Range Creek wild horse roundup

    The roundup began Wednesday, July 1, and is expected to last approximately six days.