Check their math

Project costs for the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) have been vastly exaggerated because of inaccurate cost comparisons between LPP and the Southern Delivery System (SDS) water project completed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2016. This information has recently been included in local news stories. As the program director for both projects, I need to point out some flaws and inaccuracies of the comparison created by the Utah Rivers Council to ensure the public has the facts.

In opposition to the Love’s opposition

Although an approved zoning plan for Spanish Valley is already in place, the moratorium on development and restrictive alternative plans are being driven by a small group of opponents known as the North San Juan County Coalition. The company hired by San Juan County to study the matter, Landmark Design, has effectively partnered with NSJCC, and appears to have overlooked the businesses located along the Hwy. 191 corridor and residents who support the Love’s truck stop. Unelected and one-sided, the NSJCC has managed to co-opt what should be an open and democratic process. Fortunately, on Aug. 6, Landmark Design got an earful from San Juan County stakeholders who, to that point, had been left out in the cold.