Castle Valley Comments – July 4, 2019

The Castle Valley Fire Department recently completed a Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan for the Wildland/Urban Interface where we live. This plan was last updated over ten years ago, but should be updated every five years as circumstances change. This plan is normally completed by the State Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, but for a while there has not been an employee in the position that does the work. Several months of work by the fire department and more specifically Commissioner Leta Vaughn was required to complete the document before a public hearing and a special fire commissioner meeting last month. The Castle Valley fire commissioners approved the plan during that special meeting June 26 at Fire Station 2.

District should abate mosquito problem

I just left the Mosquito Abatement District meeting and all we heard was a lot of excuses. They said they have not sprayed for mosquitos for many years and would not be spraying in Moab City or the general county because they could not afford to. They are a special service district and have taxing authority so why don’t they have enough money? They seem to have enough to pay salaries. Tim Graham suggested maybe they could hand out cans of “OFF.” I am not sure if that was supposed to be funny or serious.

Dispute & Resolution – June 27, 2019

She’s moving out …

Stephanie and Steven have been married for 19 years and have two sons ages 8 and 6. Steven is an unsuccessful artist and Stephanie is a physician’s assistant. Steven works from home and admits that he has treated his career as an artist more as a hobby than an occupation, he hasn’t earned minimum wage for several years. Stephanie works at a hospital as a physician’s assistant and is the family breadwinner.