Local support determines business survival

I’m gonna miss Shopko. Not that I shop there often, maybe once or twice a month. But I know it’s a store that has things I need in a pinch that I can’t easily obtain elsewhere in town. I always end up spending more than a hundred bucks per trip. While their selection is small, it’s been steady over the years. Things like printer ink, dry goods, everyday clothes, toys, bedding, kitchen items and electronics. The store and its predecessor Alco had those items.

Page 41 Bill Cunningham – part 5

Now you can rest assured that Mr. Bill Cunningham was tough! Another good old boy we all called Uncle Kennis used to work for him and he said that if Bill sent you out to pack salt or check the range and cattle, well, Bill figured you hadn’t done nothing if you didn’t ride 50 miles by dark.