Not all public lands are created equal

In response to Sen. Mike Lee and the associated headline article in last week’s The Times-Independent edition, “Politicos want Utah to remain a public lands state,” comparing public lands in the hands of the federal government versus the State of Utah, is like comparing drinking pristine water out of Mill Creek and the Glen Canyon Aquifer (current situation) with drinking the muck out of the Colorado River (situation if the Schools and Institution Trust Lands Administration’s Spanish Valley/San Juan County vision is realized).

Mom’s stroke reminds us of need for nearby medical care

My mom has endured a long slog since she suffered a stroke in early October and was life-flighted to Salt Lake City. She has been worked over pretty thoroughly by the University of Utah Hospital, with a first stop in intensive care, then on to rehab. But last week, Adrien told her various medical specialists that she’d had enough of their needling, and that she wanted, in no uncertain terms, to come home.