Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Moab, UT

84.6 F

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    Tales of trails: Riding along the edge of town is a dream

    I didn't think I was going to like Pipe Dream when I first moved to Moab, but I was very much wrong.

    Tales of trails: Grandstaff Canyon is a hiker’s paradise

    Our latest installment in our ongoing series, "Tales of Trails," features the popular Grandstaff Canyon.

    Tales of trails: Rabbit Valley offers options for multiple types of users

    Trails in Rabbit Valley are marked with permitted activities. Rabbit Valley is a hotspot for roaring ATVs, but one trail — Jouflas — allows foot and hoof access only.

    Tales of Trails: Onion Creek to Rose Garden Hill

    It’s anyone’s guess how the smell of rotten eggs became associated with the pungency of onions, but...

    Tales of Trails: My very bad, no good night on Porcupine Rim

    Popular route descends from Sand Flats to river; writer's first ride turns into harrowing ordeal.

    Tales of Trails: Kane Springs Canyon to the river

    Route begins near historic watering hole on Hwy. 191 Our desert with its scant eight inches of annual...

    Tales of Trails: Puckering up for Long Canyon

    Pucker Pass. The name says it all in terms of how you might feel while driving through...

    Tales of Trails: Hurrah Pass to Chicken Corners

    Folks had great creativity when they built and named southeastern Utah’s trails and roads in Moab’s early...

    Flying down the trail: Falcon Flow lives up to its name

    I would like to extend a warm welcome to Falcon Flow, Moab’s newest mountain biking trail.

    New Falcon Flow trail complements Whole Enchilada

    Last week, Grand County officially opened a new mountain biking trail in the Sand Flats Recreation area....

    Mud report: Most of Grand County trail networks dry

    Moab Trail Mix posted the following mud report on social media on Monday, March 9:

    The Mud Report: It’s still winter in Moab, but some trails are open

    There are only a few precious months each year when The Whole Enchilada is open for mountain biking. The popular and challenging...

    Wild horse facility scheduled to resume adoptions by appointment

    The Bureau of Land Management has begun a phased approach to resuming adoptions at the Delta, Utah...

    Snakes alive! It’s that time of year again

    If you encounter a snake, leave it alone.

    Remaining deer, elk hunt permits to be sold online this year, beginning July 16

    If you didn’t draw a buck deer or bull elk permit during the hunt drawing earlier this year — and you’re still interested in hunting deer or elk this fall.

    Utah has 18 species of bats; the only known mammals capable of true flight

    There are currently 18 confirmed bat species in Utah, but there might be more.

    Federal effort underway to conserve American bison

    Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt in a statement last week said the Bison Conservation Initiative was launched in a new effort to coordinate conservation strategies and approaches for the wild American Bison over the next 10 years.