Sunday, May 24, 2020

Moab, UT

65 F


    Feds commit millions to support big game in the West

    Grants benefit elk, deer, pronghorn in 11 states A pronghorn grazes on Antelope Island. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

    No social distancing here

    It’s turkey mating season and life goes on. Merriam turkeys were established in the Castleton area about a dozen years ago, according to Rory Tyler. The Merriam is one of two subspecies of wild turkeys found in Utah.

    Wildlife migrations in full swing

    Spring is here, which means wildlife migrations are in full swing. Bird-watching is a great opportunity to enjoy wildlife — and it’s an activity you can do right from the comfort of your own home while you are social distancing!

    DWR launches new website highlighting wildlife real-time tracking across Utah

    The collar on this ram will allow personnel with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to track the animal’s migratory habits,...

    Why the DWR captures deer, other big game animals with helicopters

    A helicopter capture crew transports deer that will undergo a medical checkup of sorts in March; they are three of the...

    BLM says its revised sage-grouse plans put western communities first

    National Audubon Society calls the effort ‘window dressing’ The Bureau of Land Management hopes a federal judge will...

    Shue: County’s honeybee population cut in half

    The number of honeybee hives and those who keep them was cut in half in Grand County over the past year, according to Honeybee Inspector Gerry Shue.

    See and hear wild swans at free DWR events

    You can see wild swans, and learn more about them, at two free events hosted by the Utah Division of...

    Groups want more time, meetings for BLM grazing regs revisions

    Thirty-seven conservation groups representing millions of members sent the Bureau of Land Management...

    Do not feed deer or other wildlife

    Second Moab buck dies of CWD A second deer in Moab has died from chronic wasting disease, as...

    Has Moab’s deer herd grown too large? Experts believe so

    This deer suffering with Chronic Wasting Disease is not from the Moab herd. This photograph was taken in the Midwest in...

    DWR reintroduces bighorn sheep to Antelope Island

    A year after a contagious respiratory disease decimated a bighorn sheep herd at Antelope Island State Park, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources successfully...

    Rescue from Castleton Tower

    Photo courtesy of Grand County EMS Monday was a busy day for Search & Rescue members. Here, they...

    Queued up at Sand Flats

    Traffic in the Moab area has seen a dramatic uptick since the partial reopening began, a good sign for businesses that have been shuttered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Tales of trails: Grandstaff Canyon is a hiker’s paradise

    Our latest installment in our ongoing series, "Tales of Trails," features the popular Grandstaff Canyon.

    Tales of trails: Riding along the edge of town is a dream

    I didn't think I was going to like Pipe Dream when I first moved to Moab, but I was very much wrong.

    Lost dogs return to New York after tragedy in canyon; owner dies in fall

    Tonka, left, and Little P are recovering after surviving a fall in Rabbit Valley’s Mee Canyon that killed their owner.