Delicate plume under waning moon

Summer solstice at Arches National Park

Spring ended when summer began, Friday, June 21, but the desert flora and fawna are still blooming. A Prince’s Plume is even flowering on top of Delicate Arch. Of the “Stanleya pinnata,” the newsletter of the Canyonlands Natural History Association commented,”What a view it must have from there.” Virginia resident Seth Vandivere smiles outside the door of Wolfe Cabin at the Delicate Arch trailhead.

BLM seeks bids for off-range corrals for wild horses, burros

Facilities must be located in Colorado, Utah or Wyoming

The Bureau of Land Management announced June 17 that it is seeking contractors to provide corral space for wild horses and burros gathered from public rangelands in the West. The BLM will award contracts to facilities in the states of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming that can accommodate 500—3,500 wild horses and burros in safe, humane conditions. Corrals will serve as short-term holding and preparation facilities for animals to be transferred to off-range pastures or adoption and sale locations farther east.