Hundreds appeal to county, city for continued lodging cutback

Letter: No ‘new projects’ until pending projects are done

Amid discussions over lodging regulations that will govern new hotels and motels in Moab, more than 560 local residents have signed an open letter to city and Grand County elected officials asserting that the level of tourist visitation to Moab is “too high” and asking that the council “NOT allow any new projects” into the planning pipeline until “pending projects,” also known as vested projects, have been built.

In nearby news: Family welcomes soldier home after 76 years

DURANGO, Colo. – Southwest Colorado has been chosen for $50 million in additional funding for expanded forest health and wildfire mitigation efforts on public and private land. The newly formed Rocky Mountain Restorative Initiative selected the forest project proposal, which encompasses nearly 750,000 acres along Colorado Highway 160, including portions of the San Juan National Forest and towns of Dove Creek, Cortez, Dolores and Durango.

Liss: Land prices don’t justify cost of parking structure

Moab businessman Michael Liss Tuesday lambasted the city’s plan to build a four-story parking structure west of Main Street, claiming that “people never build parking structures if the land prices don’t justify it.” During a Chamber of Commerce luncheon Dec. 17, Liss told business leaders, “Our land is still priced low enough to make surface parking cheaper than a parking structure. Even in the very center of downtown.”