Tales about trails: Hurrah Pass to Chicken Corners

Folks had great creativity when they built and named southeastern Utah’s trails and roads in Moab’s early days. Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners are just a couple examples of scenic destinations in our region. And right now, as our customary visitors are urged to stay quarantined in their areas of residence, this region’s generally crowded camping and ATV areas are mostly empty of outside tourists.

A Page Out of the Book Cliffs: April 2, 2020

I’ve most recently been relating some of my good memories of the Miller family who lived across the tracks from my family here in Thompson Springs back during the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. In those days, by the way, our nice little town was just called Thompson. I’m going to tell you a few more of my favorite stories about Ted, Nana and Bruce Miller in this column, then I’ll move on to something else next time.