Monday, August 3, 2020


Moab, UT

78.7 F

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    Iron Chlorosis: symptoms, causes, solutions

    Iron chlorosis often occurs in alkaline soils (pH greater than 7.0), which are common in Utah.

    Ask an Expert: Tips for earthquake readiness

    There are a number of steps people can take to prepare for earthquakes, according to experts.

    Ask an Expert – Wild Animals Are Not Pets

    A woman in New York paid $1,800 for a 9-week-old black leopard. She thought it was cute...

    Ask an Expert

    There seems to be a shift in recent decades regarding family culture and expectations. According to family...

    Ask an Expert: Make a monthly money map for 2020

    Harvest cash back on purchases by incorporating apps into your everyday spending. Apps like Ebates, Ibotta, Rakutan, CoinOut, and Dosh (and there are others) include ways to earn cash back

    Ask an Expert: How to safely prepare Thanksgiving dinner

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s time to talk turkey. Food-borne illnesses often rise during...

    Ask an Expert: 10 tips for holiday spending

    The holiday hustle and bustle will soon be upon us. It can be a stressful time, but...

    Ask an Expert: Five Tips for Busting Stress

    Stress – we all have it, whether it’s at work, home or places in between. There are...

    Preserving the harvest: Review the basics before filling the canning jars

    To those who plan to preserve the harvest this year, it’s good to review the basics so the final products have maximum quality...

    The Market on Center

    A new type of farmers market is happening in Moab this summer, and it began on July 23. Dubbed “The Market on Center,” it includes vendors selling food and produce, artisan creations and other items.

    Domestic travel not replacing global visits

    The overall figures for 2020, not just the month of June, are more striking.

    CNY flights more empty than full

    The numbers align with anecdotes from businesses of seeing more Texas and California license plates than typical.

    Abandoned mine reclamation project could begin this fall

    The closure methods include masonry walls, steel grates, rebar barricade and earthen backfill.