Monday, July 6, 2020


Moab, UT

94.2 F

    Colorado River

    Don’t hurt farmers to save the Colorado River

    limate change is a major cause in reducing Colorado River flows, with recent studies putting the reduction between 3 and 5.2% for every 1 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature. Im

    Here’s how to save the Colorado River

    To close the deficit, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the states have been struggling to apportion the drastic cuts necessary.

    Officials: Mosquitoes likely won’t be as bad as last year

    According to officials with the Moab Mosquito Abatement District, mosquitoes will not be as bad this year as they had been in 2019, when flooding of the Matheson Wetlands reached a roughly 10-year high, leading to a mosquito hatch much larger than typical.

    Tales of trails: Rabbit Valley offers options for multiple types of users

    Trails in Rabbit Valley are marked with permitted activities. Rabbit Valley is a hotspot for roaring ATVs, but one trail — Jouflas — allows foot and hoof access only.

    Bug flow experiment underway at Glen Canyon Dam

    From May 1 through Aug. 31, the Department of the Interior will conduct a Macroinvertebrate Production Flow at Glen Canyon Dam. This...

    Tales about trails: Hurrah Pass to Chicken Corners

    Folks had great creativity when they built and named southeastern Utah’s trails and roads in Moab’s early...

    Take-Out Beach overhauled to abate congestion on river ramp

    Ribbon-cutting is delayed until summer There’s not a lot of traffic on the Moab Daily...

    Feds seek to delist humpback chub from endangered to threatened

    One of the Colorado River’s native fishes is one-step closer to recovery thanks to the collaborative conservation...

    Snow and ice in the Colorado River

    Thursday's snow will the last the Moab area will see… until Monday, Jan. 27, when rain or snow showers could once again hit the region.

    Meetings on reducing salt in Colorado, Dolores rivers set

    The Bureau of Reclamation seeks public input on alternatives to reduce salinity in the Colorado River from sources in the Paradox Valley in western Colorado. Currently, the Paradox Valley Unit in Montrose County, Colorado, is intercepting naturally occurring brine and injecting it 16,000 feet underground via a deep injection well.

    Volunteers clean the Colorado

    Trash bags of litter removed from the Daily With the help of 25 volunteers...

    CFI, agencies partner to clean up river’s Daily section

    Canyonlands Field Institute is partnering with local land management agencies to host a one-day conservation service event to clean up the heavily...

    GOP’s Cox, Reyes move on to General Election

    If the figures hold, Cox will face off against University of Utah law professor Christopher Peterson, a Democrat, and Libertarian Daniel Cottam, a surgeon, in November’s general election.

    Man pleads guilty to double manslaughter

    He faces up to 15 years apiece for the deaths of Vilsar Camey, 45, and Camey’s 10-year-old son, Israel on Feb. 9.

    Eklecticafe was cramped but quaint. Then the virus hit

    “It’s so sad to say that, even though there’s a relief for me, but the COVID thing… I just couldn’t sustainably reopen."

    500K facemasks headed to Utah students, teachers

    The state procured the masks from H.M. Cole and Totopazi and will be distributed to school districts in the “greatest need."