Monday, August 3, 2020


Moab, UT

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    Grand County Council

    Letter: Wells used county letterhead to endorse Cox

    Editor, Grand County Council Member Curtis Wells has once again misrepresented the voters of...

    Grand County Council to host panel discussion on race, justice

    Following local and national protests following the killing of George Floyd at the knee of a now-former Minneapolis Police Department officer, the Grand County Council will hold a public discussion about race and justice and is inviting locals to submit questions they want answered during the event, scheduled to be held virtually via Zoom at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16.

    County council: Community Rebuilds, Friends of Arches aren’t ‘community gifts’

    Two Grand County-based nonprofits that applied this year for property tax exemptions were recently denied their requests after officials made findings that the nonprofits did not provide a sufficient gift to the community, per Utah law, to qualify them for exemptions — exemptions that would have slightly raised property taxes on everyone else in the county.

    County could cut budget by 30%

    Grand County Council Administrator Chris Baird told the county council last week that he was anticipating a cut to the county’s general fund budget of up to 30% as tourism in Moab takes a drastic hit alongside nearly all other local businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Can you hear me now?

    In this episode of “The Brady Bunch,” members of the Grand County Council, alongside local elected officials,...

    Ethics complaint shows flaws, no wrongdoing

    Grand County Council Vice Chair Jaylyn Hawks and her colleagues were not found to have conflicts of interest in a controversial vote to remove overnight lodging development as a use by right.

    Sparse layoff numbers paint dire picture for Moab workers

    The recent halt in economic activity in Moab has likely resulted in a drastic drop in sales compared to this time last year as well as significant numbers of layoffs.

    Letter: Thanking Chris Baird and the other officials

    Editor,  I would like to thank Chris Baird and the other members of the...

    Letter: Business owners put money above safety

    After reading the article concerning the 3-3 vote recently taken by the Grand County Council as to the possible restrictions of gatherings...

    Retiring county Administrator Ruth Dillon honors county staff; staff honors her back

    Ruth Dillon elbow-bumps Andrea Brand, the director of Sand Flats Recreation Area, after reading what Brand said were her top accomplishments in the seven years she worked with Dillon.

    Letter: Ratify the ERA — kudos to Niehaus, McGann, Duncan

    Thank you to Grand County, Moab City, and County Castle Valley councils for standing up for equality!...

    In support of the ERA

    Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus, left, and Grand County Council Chair Mary McGann dressed as suffragettes at a joint signing by the Grand County Council...

    The Market on Center

    A new type of farmers market is happening in Moab this summer, and it began on July 23. Dubbed “The Market on Center,” it includes vendors selling food and produce, artisan creations and other items.

    Domestic travel not replacing global visits

    The overall figures for 2020, not just the month of June, are more striking.

    CNY flights more empty than full

    The numbers align with anecdotes from businesses of seeing more Texas and California license plates than typical.

    Abandoned mine reclamation project could begin this fall

    The closure methods include masonry walls, steel grates, rebar barricade and earthen backfill.