Saturday, May 30, 2020


Moab, UT

71.4 F

    Moab City Police

    One dead, three injured in high-speed collision at Center and Main

    The driver of this pickup truck fled police Sunday night, according to Moab City Police Chief Bret Edge, and collided with...

    Convicted drug seller charged with drug distribution

    ‘Copious’ amounts of paraphernalia found A woman on probation for prior convictions of distribution of controlled substances now...

    Police: Woman drunkenly walks into house, is arrested, escapes handcuffs

    Suspect faces felony charge for escaping custody Sheena Lynn Salt A woman faces felony charges...

    Police: Public overestimates OHV noncompliance

    A recent traffic study of off-highway vehicles by Moab City Police has, at least in its initial phase, yielded results that the “vast majority” of OHVs, according to Police Chief Bret Edge, are in compliance with state regulations that define what make a side-by-side and similar vehicles street legal.

    Former mosquito district director faces trespassing charges

    Libby Nance Moab City Police arrested Elizabeth “Libby” Lee Nance last week after she allegedly entered the office...

    LGBT pride flag vandalized amidst Moab Pride celebrations

    This story has been updated with information from Moab City Police Chief Bret Edge and Grand County Attorney Christina Sloan.

    Police clock driver at 78 mph on Main Street, impound car

    Moab City Police impounded a man’s car on Thursday, Sept. 19, after citing him for reckless driving. Police reported that he was...

    Bear on Mulberry Lane caught

    With the help of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Moab City Police tranquilized the female bear and are moving it to the Book Cliffs.

    Side-by-side veers off road; closely misses three bystanders

    Eyewitnesses who were mere feet away from a side-by-side that veered off Sand Flats Road near Rotary Park on Thursday afternoon said that the vehicle plowed through a vinyl fence, a small tree and a metal fence before skidding to a halt roughly 500 feet away.

    Woman allegedly kicks officer Aug. 4 while being arrested

    Child Services now has custody of her children Moab City Police arrested a woman at about 7 p.m. on...

    Moab Police invite area residents to cookout, free swim

    The Moab Police Department invite area residents to a cookout and free swim event at the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center at...

    Police: Woman arrested after trespassing into husband’s house

    Moab City Police arrested a woman Monday, July 8, after she allegedly went into her husband's house, from which she had been trespassed one month prior. The two, who have a daughter together, are undergoing a divorce.

    Tales of Trails: Dominguez Canyon offers wilderness, hikes, history

    Little Dominguez Canyon near Grand Junction, Colorado, was home to prehistoric Native Americans and a homesteading family that raised peaches there....

    Free Fishing Day is June 6

    If you’d like to catch a fish in Utah’s beautiful outdoors — while social distancing, of course — but you don’t have a fishing license, Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 6, is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

    Leaving Guatemala

    I selected “send me where I’m needed most,” my desire to immerse myself in another country’s culture not affixed to any location in particular.

    City cuts jobs to bridge huge tax loss

    These steps are in addition to cuts made March 13 when 60 part-time employees were terminated.