Monday, August 10, 2020


Moab, UT

93.3 F


    If the water goes, the desert moves back in

    Once the ditch company “called” for its water as of June 8, only holders of patented water rights could legally touch the creek.

    A memo to statue topplers

    First, removing a statue changes nothing in the real, material circumstances of millions of Americans.

    The debate over wildfire management

    A more troubling and problematic development has been the advent of allowing wildfires to burn to meet various public land management needs.

    Letter: Haircuts, concerts not ‘constitutional rights’

    Our Constitution does not list mall shopping and concert attendance as constitutional rights, and for good reason.

    Letter: Post-Memorial Day musings

    My young political life and understanding began as a humble, financially challenged, Lake Michigan, cigarette smoking 11-year-old paperboy.

    Town Council nixes use of gravel pit

    Pamela Gibson and Tory Hill were also sworn in as members of the board and Hill was selected to continue as treasurer for the board.

    Column: Anybody else having weird dreams?

    I’ve always been a dreamer. Not the head in the clouds type of dreamer,...

    A new class of first responders

    Since the introduction of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus to our communities, daily life has changed for most Utahns and doesn’t look to...

    Guest editorial: Newspaper groups appeal to Congress for COVID-19 help

    America’s Newspapers is joining the News Media Alliance (the Alliance), the National Newspaper Association (NNA) and National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in...

    Letter: The Great Bung Fodder Scare of 2020

    By Marjorie Haun What do America and Venezuela have in common? Empty shelves in...

    Trail review: Amazing vistas but be prepared!

    The views are breathtaking, but the time and teamwork to traverse the 18.9-mile trail was what made the adventure a memory of a lifetime

    Tales of Trails: Get ‘On Top of the World’ to see spectacular views

    The Top of the World Trail is about 19 miles long in and out from the pavement on Highway 128 near Dewey Bridge.

    County: No avoiding tax hike — even during a pandemic

    Were the property tax increase to be rescinded, he said Grand County “would literally be totally broke.”

    Off and running, seeking new team members

    Members of the Grand County High School cross-country team hold their first practice of the season Monday morning. Coach Randy Martin said he’s looking for more students to join the team.