Saturday, May 30, 2020


Moab, UT

77.3 F

    protective order

    Two arrested for mutually violating restraining orders

    Marijuana offenses also charged Moab police arrested a couple Friday evening after each allegedly violated restraining orders each filed...

    Man arrested after entering house, violating restraining order

    A local man was arrested Saturday, April 27, after the previous day he allegedly violated a restraining order that his wife had...

    Tales of Trails: Dominguez Canyon offers wilderness, hikes, history

    Little Dominguez Canyon near Grand Junction, Colorado, was home to prehistoric Native Americans and a homesteading family that raised peaches there....

    Free Fishing Day is June 6

    If you’d like to catch a fish in Utah’s beautiful outdoors — while social distancing, of course — but you don’t have a fishing license, Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 6, is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

    Leaving Guatemala

    I selected “send me where I’m needed most,” my desire to immerse myself in another country’s culture not affixed to any location in particular.

    City cuts jobs to bridge huge tax loss

    These steps are in addition to cuts made March 13 when 60 part-time employees were terminated.