County eyes TRT from campers

Officials: Impacts taking toll on resources, budgets

It cost $20 a day to stay in one of the hundreds of campsites on public lands in Grand County. Grand County Council Member Mary McGann and other public officials want to increase that cost by 4%, or 80 cents, in the form of a Transient Room Tax to help mitigate the impacts all those campers have on the county’s solid waste district, emergency medical services, law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

Local councils didn’t cause tourism boom

Marjorie Hahn, in her recent “My View” column, expressed misgivings over the increasingly dominant role of tourism on Moab’s economy (what she calls the “imbalance”). But I think she attributes far too much importance to decisions made or not made by local public officials. As I will try to show, our local economy has responded to certain “megatrends” affecting the entire country and indeed the whole world.